HAFOTI women work together to support each other in business – getting training in business skills, access to revolving credit and marketing their products together under the HAFOTI umbrella. HAFOTI is short for ‘Hamahon Feto Timor’ – Shelter for the Timorese Woman.

HAFOTI has groups in seven of Timor-Leste’s districts; Manufahi, Viqueque, Oecusse, Aileu, Baucau, Liquisa and Bobonaro. One board member comes from each of these districts, and one full time HAFOTI Co-ordinator is employed in each district to support the members.

HAFOTI has an office in Dili where sales and administration is carried out for the group and a HAFOTI shop sells products made by HAFOTI women as well as a variety of Timorese products. Senora Dortia Kese has been HAFOTI’s  Directress since 2004. Lizete da Costa manages Administration and Finance.

Founded in 2002, HAFOTI now has 250 members.

Board members:

  • Dominggas da Concecao (Aileu)
  • Gilberta Fatima Belo (Baucau)
  • Sara Isabel Do Rego (Bobonaro)
  • Terezinha Dos Santos (Liquisa)
  • Joaninha da Costa (Manufahi)
  • Rozita Quenat (Oecusse)
  • Doroteia de Jesus Guterres (Viqueque)

District Co-ordinators:

  • Maria Joanna da Silva (Baucau)
  • Filomena Fatima Amaral (Bobonora)
  • Lizia Tilman (Manufahi)
  • Luiza Monica Freitas (Viqueque)