Madabeno and Talitu

 There are two groups in Aileu district involved in the Product & Marketing Programme (Madabeno and Talitu), and whose members have accessed the Revolving Credit Fund. The groups live beside the main road leading south from Dili to Alieu so they have good access to public transport.

 The group in Madabeno specialises in making kiri kiri and cassava chips. There is a school in their village where they sell products, and one member also has a kiosk which is used as an outlet.

 In Talitu the members grow vanilla, peppercorns, and cloves as well as other crops which they supply to commercial buyers, as well as to HAFOTI. They also specialize in making pineapple and papaya marmalade, and traditional medicines such as arnica ointment. This group sells their crops commercially, and they have a small kiosk for sales of marmalade and general products.

Food Processing Centre, Aileu

The first HAFOTI food processing centre has been built in Aileu, and freshly made soy milk is a brand new product that members make and sell to school groups. See the projects page for more information.

made-soymilkAileu members with their first production of soy milk completed.