HAFOTI’s virgin coconut oil is an artisinal product. Hand squeezed coconut milk is naturally fermented to allow the virgin oil to float to the top of the milk. This is gently scooped out by hand and transfered into bulk containers before final packaging. So our oil has never been heat treated and all the natural aromas of the coconut are preserved.

Our oil is from a single origin – the label shows which district of Timor-Leste your virgin coconut oil is made in.

This is an excellent product to use on skin and hair, softening and soothing. Taken internally, virgin coconut oils is an excellent source of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs). Studies show MCFAs are antibiotic and have other benefits for health – MCFAs are quickly absorbed, taken directly to the liver to be oxidised, producing energy extremely rapidly. So virgin coconut oil is good for convalescing patients, premature babies and also for pregnant mothers.Virgin coconut oil is also a source of vitamin E and is anti-inflammatory and helps increase the absorption of vitamins, minerals and proteins in the diet.


Virgin coconut oil is a key product we use for building rural women’s economic independence. When new HAFOTI groups are formed, we guarantee the new members that we will buy a set amount of coconut oil from them every month, so they have an income they can rely on. Members will often use the capital they create through coconut oil to start their own small businesses – which can then grow thanks to the business training and revolving credit from HAFOTI.

You can buy the coconut oil at Leader Supermarket, Lita Store, Kmanek, W4, Pateo, Landmark, Mey Mart, Tiger Fuel and Dili Mart and of course the HAFOTI shop.