In January 2015 Sidalia got a loan of US$1,000 from HAFOTI’s revolving credit fund to develop her business. She now owns a mini market in Cailako village, a distance from  Maliana town in Bobonaro. The loan money  helped her stock her kiosk, buy a cupboard and a meat refrigerator. For a year, she made monthly repayments of  US$ 98.35.
Sidalia also makes local product and sells them in her kiosk. The income per month is between US$400-$500 from her business activities and her income is increasing since her loan from HAFOTI.
There are nine people who live in her family. Sidalia has seven children, three of them are now studying at Kupang University Indonesia and the other three are studying at Maliana Senior High School. Sidalia uses her income to repair her kiosk, pay the children’s school fee, using for daily necessities and some of the money her buying things for selling in the kiosk. Sidalia also helps her husband as her husband with Agricultural work.